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About Cherz

I started working out as most people do to get fit and build muscle, but it was never easy for me. Along the way I got injured time and time again, after a while this forced me to change my philosophies about training and exercise; I learned there was such a thing as training smart and science to support it. This in turn led me to develop a huge passion for studying human movement and a deep understanding that how moving badly (or not at all) is the root cause for nearly every physical ailment, dysfunction and injury we deal with —but most importantly that how correcting bad movement patterns is a fundamental aspect of fixing and healing them.

As a trainer I believe that proper movement should compromise of the bones and muscles functioning together which in greater fitness and health can be built, after all exercising and training with dysfunction will only serve to grow stronger dysfunction. Together at Living Well Balanced we can correct dysfunction and improves one's ability to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

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