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About Meghan

Hey there! I’m Meghan. I was born on Long Island and moved to North Carolina when I was young. As I went through high school I was a sickly person. Tired of going to the doctor monthly, I decided to heal myself from the inside out to start a better life. I started learning how to eat to be healthier and more natural remedies to heal illness. Always wanting to help people, I decided to go to college to be a massage therapist. Through the last 10 years of my career, I’ve learned more about people, the body and how to heal naturally allowing myself and my clients to live a happier healthier life! Becoming a part of Living Well Balanced has allowed me to live my passion and continue on my holistic healthcare journey.

My heart fills to take care of people but I also have a 3-year old named Dilynn that I love spending time with and proudly raise using natural remedies. I love to spend time outdoors and have many plans for future travels. I love the beach, wine and doughnuts.

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