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Treatment Information

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a natural treatment using a brief, painless exposure to extreme cold to stimulate the body’s natural healing responses. Whole Body Cryotherapy is offered as a part of the wellness approach at Living Well Balanced in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whole Body Cryotherapy has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Sports & Fitness
  • Mood Therapy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Back Pain
  • Injury & Inflammation
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Conditions
  • Improve Sleep
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber in Raleigh NC
Cryotherapy Q & A
What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to support healing and wellness that dates back to ancient civilizations. Cryotherapy enhances and accelerates the healing process by reducing inflammation and swelling, as well as redirecting blood flow to vital organs, thus enabling more oxygen and nutrients to be directed to the areas in which they’re most beneficial. Being exposed to extremely cold temperatures also helps remove metabolic toxins (inflammation), again aiding the body in the healing process.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the modern application that stimulates the same rejuvenating and recovery benefits in just three minutes. Cyrotherapy works like ice-baths, but without the messy water and ice, and most importantly, without the discomfort!

Cryotherapy involves rapid cooling of the skin’s surface temperature. Participants step into a cryotherapy chamber that uses nitrogen to cool the air. Temperatures can reach below -250 degrees Fahrenheit. While this may sound unbearable, participants only stay in the chamber for a maximum time of three minutes. The skin temperature drops by thirty to fifty degrees within this time.

Because of the extreme temperature drop, the body is triggered into a parasympathetic response (the body’s recovery mode). The body draws blood inward towards the core. There, the blood picks up rich nutrients and as the body re-warms, that nutrient rich blood is pushed back to the extremities. Enriched blood promotes internal organ regeneration, expels toxins from subcutaneous layers, initiates cell renewal process, triggers replacement of damaged cells, and eliminates dead cells from peripheral tissues. Simply put, it is rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is becoming more and more popular among athletes to reduce recovery time, patients with chronic pain, those who just want to feel great and those who are interested in reducing overall inflammation. Able to improve a variety of conditions, Whole Body Cryotherapy is a natural alternative to medications.

Is it like an ice bath?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is like an ice bath in that it is a cold therapy. However, there are key differences: A Cryotherapy session is a maximum of three-minutes and an ice bath is a maximum of twenty-minutes. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a dry, painless cold while an ice-bath, at a minimum, is a very uncomfortable cold. Cryotherapy cold only penetrates the top layers of skin, whereas an ice bath penetrates the muscles and joints which introduces the potential for tissue damage and the potential to lower the body’s core temperature. Cryotherapy cold dissipates quickly, but an ice bath cold dissipates gradually. While ice packs and ice baths have been used for centuries to decrease inflammation to decrease pain, nothing has ever been more effective, and comfortable, to decrease inflammation than Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Why do people use Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Many people use cryotherapy to compliment health and wellness initiatives. Cryotherapy is used to reduce muscle pain and inflammation, improve circulation and immune system, promote healthy skin, and many other benefits. Some conditions that may benefit from cryotherapy include chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and degenerated spinal discs. It can even relieve depression, boost immune system response, and reduce chronic fatigue syndrome.

Whole Body Cryotherapy can help relieve symptoms of many ailments, including both physical and mental conditions. There have been numerous studies that show just 3 minutes of Whole Body Cryotherapy is beneficial to those who suffer from depression, anxiety or both. This effect is attributed to hormonal responses (endorphins) that occur as a result of the cryotherapy treatments. Our practice members report that after finishing a cryotherapy session, they feel an improvement in mood, a deeper sense of relaxation, and an overall euphoria.

Many athletes use Whole Body Cryotherapy for accelerated sports injury recovery. They find that they can work out more effectively by healing their muscles at a faster rate. Quite simply, people feel less pain and soreness in their injured or affected areas after a session because cryotherapy reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing and minimizes pain. Consistent treatments accelerate healing to get back to full mobility as soon as possible. Whole Body Cryotherapy works great for overall fitness as well. Some fitness-related benefits include faster recovery from muscle soreness, increased energy, decreased recovery time from injury, and improved joint function.

Cryotherapy also aides in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. The natural process of aging causes skin to wrinkle and sag. This is due to the loss of collagen in the body. By briefly intensely cooling the outer layer of skin throughout the entire body, the deep layers of collagen are disrupted and respond by creating more collagen. As a result, the skin regains elasticity and appears both younger and smoother.

What do I wear during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

During a Whole Body Cryotherapy session a participant wears protective clothing consisting of dry thermal socks, thermal gloves, cryo boots and undergarments. A robe is worn until they enter the cryotherapy chamber and the door is closed. The face remains visible to the operator during the procedure, but modesty is preserved at all times.

How will I feel during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

During the Whole Body Cryotherapy session participants feel an extreme dry cold on the surface of their skin. Some participants may even shiver. While inside, the chamber will cool the air down to around -250 degrees Fahrenheit and you will remain in the chamber for three minutes. When the session is over, your body will begin to warm back up instantly as your blood moves back to your extremities.

How will I feel after the Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

After the session, participants report an immediate sense of invigoration and euphoria. Within a few minutes, they experience a warm, tingly sensation and increased energy levels because of the endorphins released, which will last six to eight hours following the session.

How often can I have a Whole Body Cryotherapy session?

Cryotherapy sessions can be as frequent as daily and many find the daily routine provides the most consistent results. Before doing any sessions, you will have an evaluation and be recommended the best course of care for your specific health condition or wellness goals.

Cryotherapy Raleigh & Cary NC

Getting Started with Cryotherapy

The Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment offered at Living Well Balanced has an amazing list of benefits, ranging from pain and inflammation to beauty and aging, or to accelerating your athletic performance and boosting your recovery from athletic performance and competition. Before your first cryotherapy session, you will fill out some short paperwork to let our team know why you chose cryotherapy and what specific benefits you are looking for from your treatment.

The cryotherapy session is a maximum of three minutes. Cryotherapy becomes therapeutic around the first minute, but you'll experience a greater benefit with a full three-minute session. There are also three different levels: Level 1 up to Level 3, which is the most temperature sensitive, but that’s where you get the most benefit in terms of cellular health.

If you'd like to see the incredible results of cryotherapy first-hand, give us a call at 919-926-8890 to schedule your first appointment!

Cryotherapy Price List

Whole Body Cryotherapy Services.

10-Pack $320


Unlimited $199/2-Weeks

Maximum of 8 sessions/2-Weeks.

Unlimited $299/Month

Maximum of 16 sessions/Month.

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