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There are foods that your body simply requires and should consume - that provide benefits ranging from losing weight to increasing lean muscle mass to reducing your risk of developing chronic disease and inflammation to providing natural solutions to allergies, arthritis, cancer, etc. The professionals at Living Well Balanced provide nutritional counseling that not only addresses what you should eat and what you shouldn’t, but more importantly, WHY and HOW!

Nutritionist Raleigh NC
Nutrition Q & A
What role does nutrition play in health care and wellness?

The old adage, “You are what you eat” is absolutely true. Four of the ten leading causes of death in the U.S. — heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke — are related to the food people put into their bodies. Proper nutrition through smart food choices can help you live longer, better, healthier lives. It can also help manage your mood, digestive health, muscular strength, immune system health, and physical endurance.

How can Living Well Balanced help me eat better?

Living Well Balanced meets you where you’re at! Our recommendations are very doable - they can be a baby-step approach and can be integrated into your everyday life, or, performance-based - helping you train for an upcoming athletic event and decrease fat. While Living Well Balanced offers nutritional counseling that can help you understand the relationship food has to your overall health, we can also help treat many of your symptoms with food and/or whole food supplementation. Nutritional therapy in our office is not simply about creating meal plans. In addition to education on the types of foods to eat, and which ones to avoid, Living Well Balanced will identify nutrient deficiencies and potential imbalances and work to correct them.

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Getting Started with Nutritional Therapy

The advantage of nutritional services at Living Well Balanced is that this is not just nutritional weight loss —it can be if that’s your goal— it’s more about nutritional therapy. This type of nutritional guidance takes into acount chronic disease, drug interactions, and more, to help promote your health and wellness.

Our nutritional analysis, coupled with blood work if you have it, will give our team a really thorough introduction into your nutritional habits. From there, we give recomendations about what food you need to increase or decrease and or what supplements you need to increase as well. As always, treatment at Living Well Balanced is completely custom-tailored to you and your needs.

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Nutrition Price List

Customized Nutrition Services.

Initial Session$200

Includes medical history and nutritional analysis, review of labs* and a customized care plan. *Labs will be billed separately to insurance and are not included.

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