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A stretching session is your opportunity to extend your capabilities for your body, your fitness, your wellness, your life. Through our proven techniques and methodology, we personalize your session just for you. Everyone's body is different and carries stress and tightness in different muscles and parts of the body. Our program is designed to meet your unique needs to remove that tension, enhance your posture and flexibility, increase your energy, and improve the effectiveness of your fitness routine or training.

Treatment Q & A
What are the benefits of Stretching?

Stretching has endless benefits, but some of the most notable are energy, rejuvenation, and stress-relief. Stretching can help you bounce back from long days and tough workouts by removing tension and tightness, which enhances your sleep to give you all the energy you need. Stretch therapy is exceptionally effective at restoring vitality and rejuvenating your body to fight aging. Stretching can reverse the effects of today's extreme mental and physical pressures. The more you stretch the better you will feel!

What effect does stretching have on your health?

It's no secret that stretching can prevent injury as well as reduce muscle soreness after a workout. What is less well known is the connection between being stretched and improving your spinal health. Not only does being stretched help bring the spine and its supportive soft tissue into proper alignment, it also increases flexibility and reduces pain.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and the body needs that flexibility to maintain a proper range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way. That puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage. Regular stretching keeps muscles long, lean, and flexible. Our stretching sessions can be the jump start you need to increase performance, heal from injuries, and start your journey to feeling better than ever before. It's the fastest and most effective way to experience powerful freedom of movement.

Why do I need professional stretching when I could stretch on my own at home?

It takes twice as much force to stretch a muscle as it does to strengthen it! To achieve the highest level of improvement in flexibility, it is essential that other people assist you. While self-stretching is highly beneficial, it is not always possible to resist maximally during the stretch because you are resisting against yourself. Our Living Well Balanced team is trained in assisted stretching to give immediate results. Assisted stretching provides greater strength, flexibility and range of motion while diminishing injuries, aches, pains, stiffness and tension.

And let’s face it—unless you’re guided and assisted, chances are you do very little stretching on your own. Certainly not enough to keep your body limber and pain free! Our stretching sessions will save precious time and effort for better results, faster.

Under the guidance and handling of our personal trainers and massage therapists, we focus on your particular weaknesses and imbalances in your body. We work on the individual goals that you want to achieve or change at your fitness level. You'll experience powerful improvements right away and realize dramatic gains in flexibility, strength, and health over time.


Getting Started with Assisted Stretching

The typical assisted stretching session at Living Well Balanced is 30 minutes, but just like all of our other services, we want the relationship to start off with an in-depth consultation. You’ll discuss with whoever is stretching you —whether one of our trainers or one of our massage therapists— about why you made this appointment, what your expectations are, and what your current stretching strategies are, because most people really don’t stretch that much.

In that initial consultation, we’ll also spend about 15-20 minutes doing a flexibility assessment, which is very similar to what our massage therapists would do for a new massage client. For example, if you think you’re stiff in the lower hip or lower back, we’ll look at your flexibility starting from your feet all the way up to your head because we know the body is intimately connected. In total, your first stretching session will be about an hour long, with 30 minutes for consultation and the flexibility assessment, and 30 minutes for the actual stretching.

On the second session, we will spend an extra 5-10 minutes to go over the result of that flexibility from the first session and then that way, either the trainer or the massage therapist can now give recommendations based on clinical necessity and based on what you need.

If you’re ready to get stretching and add flexibility into your life, give us a call at 919-926-8890 to schedule your first appointment!

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