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Regenerative Medicine, as the name suggests, is a branch of medicine that involves repair, replacement, and regeneration of cells, tissues, and organs that are damaged or diseased. It is a broad term that encompasses many things, from tissue engineering to pain relief. This exciting new field of medicine focuses on rebuilding and restoring parts of the body that have been damaged by years of wear and tear or injury. Regenerative Medicine is being hailed as a game changer in pain relief and repairing damage in major joints. At Living Well Balanced, we use human tissues obtained from donors to kickstart the healing process and provide significant pain relief for your joint pain, possibly allowing you to avoid surgery.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A
What is Regenerative Medicine?

Does back pain keep you from enjoying fun activities with your family? Regenerative medicine treatments could help without subjecting you to invasive surgical procedures. The underlying principle of this branch of medicine is to regenerate or renew aging, diseased, and injured cells, tissues, and organs in the body. When applied to the major joints in the body, this regeneration affords pain relief and restores normal function. It can be likened to replacing the battery in an old car when performance begins to suffer. In the human body, this is achieved by replacing the damaged tissue with functional, living tissue, as well as by activating the body’s own repair mechanisms. By stimulating the production of healthy tissues to replace old, damaged, injured ones, and by relieving pain and restoring functionality, regenerative medicine can significantly improve quality of life.

At Living Well Balanced, we have committed to use only the highest quality superior regenerative medicine cells and factors available from renowned laboratory Predictive Biotech. These pure natural solutions were chosen because they are proven to be more effective after years of thorough research and real world experience. Their quality ensures the promotion of self-healing to become pain-free with a less invasive alternative to traditional treatments such as steroid injections or joint replacement surgery.

What makes up the natural solutions you use to boost self-healing?

We have carefully chosen the best science-based technology that extracts regenerative building blocks from donated human amniotic and umbilical cord tissues to help regenerate and repair damaged tissues in the recipient. These human cellular and tissue-based products, called HCT/Ps, are rich in proteins, growth factors, and other unique repair-stimulating extracts. These cells and tissues are called amniotic tissue allografts (an allograft is a tissue that is transferred from a donor to a recipient). When these products are introduced into the recipient’s area of injury or damage, they boost the body’s ability to heal itself.

How does Regenerative Medicine work?

If knee pain is preventing you from doing the things you love, such as going for a run on the beach or playing a game of tennis, regenerative medicine can provide relief and return you to a more active fulfilling lifestyle. This form of medicine works by supporting the body’s own healing mechanisms. To understand how this occurs, we must understand how cells interact with each other. Cells are the building blocks of tissues in the human body, and tissues are the basic functional units that combine to form different organs. Cells in the body do not exist in isolation. They are surrounded by an extracellular matrix, a sort of scaffold that not only serves as a supporting structure but also as a signaling mechanism between cells. The signals between cells determine their interaction with the environment. By manipulating these signals, regenerative medicine is able to mend damaged tissues or even generate new ones.

When Regenerative Medicine products are injected into aging joints or areas of injury, they replace damaged tissues, but they also alter the signals between cells and kickstart the body into healing itself. The process involves injecting a “cocktail” of bioactive substances, including scaffolding proteins and growth factors into the area of damage. These injections have been scientifically shown to support repair in damaged joints and reduce pain and inflammation. What this therapy does, in essence, is provide the body with the ingredients it needs to assemble healthy, functional cells and tissues that make up the joints. For you, this means being able to lead the active life you want.

Where do your products come from? How are they sourced?

At Living Well Balanced, we use human amniotic tissue which is obtained from living, healthy donors which are women who have just given birth. These amniotic tissues consist of the amniotic sac, placenta, and umbilical cord, which are usually discarded after childbirth. However, amniotic tissues have unique biological properties. They are an extremely rich source of structural proteins, growth factors, and essential nutrients. The donors are women between 18 and 45 years old who have completed a full-term pregnancy and undergone a scheduled Cesarean section. The donation of these tissues does not harm the mother or the infant. Once the power-packed amniotic tissues are obtained from the consenting donors, they are processed in a state-of-the-art laboratory and formulated into the regenerative medicine products we use. Once processed, the tissues are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen (at very low temperatures) until they are ready to be injected. When injected into the recipient’s body, these products attract reparative cells to the site of injury in or near a major joint and accelerate the healing process.

In keeping with our commitment towards uncompromising quality and safety, we use amniotic tissue allografts from Predictive Biotech, an industry leader in regenerative medicine injections. These human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) are derived from the human placenta and umbilical cord of healthy donors. All donors are rigorously screened, both during the pregnancy and at the time of delivery, to ensure disease-free tissue. A careful medical and social history is obtained in advance and only a few donors meet the strict eligibility requirements.

Why did you choose Predictive Biotech Regenerative Medicine products?

Living Well Balanced has been built on a culture of evidence-based services, professionalism, and transparency. Therefore, it is of supreme importance to us to obtain products from a company that upholds the same high standards. Predictive Biotech has become a renowned leader in the Regenerative Medicine field. They assure pure, high quality products, backed by years of thorough research, clinical trials, and personal testimonials. Their knowledge is exhaustive and their attention to scientific detail is uncompromising. We are proud to partner with a company that believes in supporting healing through natural processes and uplifting the community through integrity in what they do.

Is there an ethical question about the Regenerative Medicine practiced at Living Well Balanced?

We use Predictive Biotech’s amniotic tissue allografts, which are derived from the amniotic sac and other products of conception that are typically thrown away after childbirth. These products should not be confused with stem cells derived from human embryos, which are embroiled in controversy. No ethical questions are raised by the use of amniotic tissue allografts for regenerative medicine purposes. If you are considering regenerative medicine treatments for your back pain, knee pain, or other major joint pain or injury, you can rest assured that these products are completely ethical.

What can Regenerative Medicine be used for?

Is a chronic injury preventing you from hitting the slopes with the family on ski vacations? Are you tired of living with pain? Our regenerative medicine treatments are a noninvasive, safe, and effective option to get you back on the slopes.

One of the most common uses of regenerative medicine injections is to accelerate healing and provide pain relief to people with damaged, injured, or aging joints. These treatments may allow some people to avoid joint replacement surgery, a major procedure associated with a lengthy and difficult rehabilitation. In people who have undergone joint reconstruction or replacement, regenerative medicine injections can shorten the recovery time. Some of the medical conditions that can potentially benefit from this therapy include:

  • Shoulder pain due to rotator cuff injury, biceps tendon tear, or joint degeneration
  • Elbow pain due to tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or chronic sprain/strain
  • Hip/Back pain due to bursitis, arthritis, or failed back surgery
  • Knee pain due to mild to moderate osteoarthritis, meniscus tear, or ligament tear
  • Foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon tear, or arthritis

New uses for regenerative medicine products are being discovered every day as scientists test their efficacy in treating various diseases and conditions.

What are the advantages of Regenerative Medicine injections?

Benefits of amniotic tissue injections include:

  • Steroid-free treatment that relies on naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agents for pain relief.
  • High concentration of growth factors that boost the body’s own repair mechanisms.
  • Collagen, fibronectin, and elastin proteins that repair damaged tissue rather than simply masking pain symptoms.
  • Antimicrobial properties that prevent growth of bacteria and viruses and eliminate them if already present in the tissue.
  • Antifibrotic properties that reduce scar tissue formation.
  • Significantly less painful than invasive surgical procedures with no down time or prolonged recovery.
  • Low risk of rejection. Amniotic tissue allografts are obtained from donors and injected your your body, but unlike organ transplants, these tissues have a very low risk of rejection. This is because amniotic tissues have special immunologic privilege or protection (to keep the mother’s body from rejecting the baby).

How quickly do Regenerative Medicine treatments work?

Most people experience some pain relief and reduction in inflammation within a few days of the first treatment. You may need 1-3 injections at each site of pain for the therapy to be optimally effective. Everyone’s body is different and takes its own time to heal. For most people, the recovery process takes up to 8 weeks.

How do I know if Regenerative Medicine at Living Well Balanced is right for me?

If you are struggling with chronic joint pain due to inflammation or injury, regenerative medicine treatments could offer you a new lease on active living. At s, we use human amniotic tissue products from Predictive Biotech. These products are the result of years of research in tissue repair and regeneration. They were developed with the underlying belief that for any therapy to be effective, the complete environment in the area of damage must be addressed. The range of products we use have been created to establish optimal conditions in your body for it to begin healing.

The human cells and tissues we use are prepared in an FDA-registered laboratory using the appropriate techniques for collection, cleaning, sterilization, processing, and transport. Proper processing is critical for the safety and effectiveness of the regenerative medicine products. Human tissues must be cryopreserved (frozen) in liquid nitrogen and stored at temperatures of -196 degrees Celsius. If these measures are not taken, the viability of the proteins and growth factors cannot be guaranteed and the treatment may fail, or worse, lead to complications. All Predictive Biotech products are shipped to us from the laboratory in liquid nitrogen containers and used within 48 hours. We are committed to your health and quality of life and will never compromise on safety issues.

Am I a candidate for Regenerative Medicine injections?

Some of the people who can benefit from these treatments are people who have knee pain from osteoarthritis or shoulder pain due to rotator cuff injury or back pain from failed back surgery. However, not everyone is a candidate for these treatments. Our clinical team is highly experienced in determining whether regenerative medicine can benefit you. We do not have a universal treatment that we offer to every client. We will conduct an extensive assessment to determine your health goals and your body’s unique needs. If you are deemed a candidate for the regenerative medicine injections, appropriate products will be recommended to you depending on the support your body needs to begin healing. Each regenerative medicine product contains a mix of cytokines, proteins, growth factors, and scaffolding factors, and the one that can most effectively activate your body to heal will be recommended to you.

Getting Started with Regenerative Medicine

The team is led by a board-certified physician and each patient works with a physician's assistant. We provide personalized care and customized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. First, we will meet with you to discuss your health concerns and determine if Regenerative Medicine is right for you. Then we will create a plan for your care specifically designed to your unique needs.

If you're interested in learning if Regnerative Medicine is right for you, give us a call at 919-926-8890 to schedule your consultation.