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Fitness is a crucial part of your overall health and wellness regimen. The Fitness Department at Living Well Balanced in Raleigh, North Carolina, is committed to the fitness regimen of all people who come through our doors, not just those who wish to get into better shape.

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Fitness Treatment Q & A
How do I begin the process of becoming more physically fit?

Every January 1st people begin the New Year with resolutions of getting into shape. In fact, more than 54 million Americans paid for gym memberships last year. Worth an estimated $24.2 billion, the fitness industry capitalizes on people’s desire to get in better shape, without offering consistent results. With thousands of diet and exercise programs on the market and hundreds of gyms lining city streets, it is nearly impossible to navigate the process of becoming more physically fit without help. The best way to begin a physical fitness journey is to consult with a personal trainer. Not only are our Trainers skilled in performing fitness assessments such as your ability to move, your total body and core strength and your endurance, they also use the InBody Body Composition Analyzer to analyze your body fat and lean muscle mass in your arms, legs and trunk. This allows our Trainers to create a specific program that matches your individual needs and specific body type.

How can Living Well Balanced help me meet my fitness goals?

Living Well Balanced offers personal training to help you on your journey to improved physical fitness health. We meet your needs and goals based off of functional movement first and how it impacts your activities of daily life – going up and down the stairs, carrying heavy items, tying your shoes, sitting all day, running your 7th marathon or helping you fit into your clothes again. Every practice member is evaluated for their body’s specific needs, again, using state of the art body composition scanners. A customized workout plan is then created offering you the maximum health benefit in the minimum amount of time. We offer both private session packages and semi-private training unlimited monthly training packages in our intimate studio. Best of all, we work in conjunction and integrate your fitness with any other Living Well Balanced health professionals – this helps foster a faster and stronger recovery and meets your comprehensive wellness needs as well as your fitness goals.

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Getting Started with Personal Training

At Living Well Balanced, our trainers build a personal training program specific to your needs. We're here to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you are looking to get fit or lose weight, or just kind of binge on fitness before a wedding or beach vacation.

The first thing our trainers are going to do is sit down and have a consultation with you. During that consultation, we’ll use an InBody composition tool, which breaks down not just what your weight is, but the proportion of how that weight is distributed, whether it’s in your arms, heavy in the trunk, in the legs, or even side-to side. It’s a great tool the trainers use to determine how to specifically get you to reach your goals.

Then, the trainer does a PT assessment. This is where we look at your strength and ability to do basic movements. We look at your core stability and strength, and there are also times we can assess people's cardiovascular level. This assessment helps us to design a program specific to your abilities so you can train safely and effectively.

After the PT assessment, the trainer will typically do their first workout with you on that day. At the end of that visit the trainer will give their recommendations as to what they found and what type of program could best serve your goals.

If you want to discover how a personalized fitness plan can help you reach your goals, give us a call at 919-926-8890 to schedule your first appointment!

Personal Training Price List

Personal Training Services.

Initial Session$95

Includes initial consultation, full body composition analysis using the InBody Body Composition Analyzer, and your first workout.

Customized Semi-Private Fitness Sessions

 Includes customized programming, foam rolling, a weekly accountability call, and a daily whole food nutrition shake before or after each workout.

   1x/week $299/month
   2x/week $529/month
   3x/week $679/month

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